Committee Minutes for November, 2006


Boy Scout Troop 100
Minutes November , 2006
A regularly scheduled meeting of the BSA Troop 100 Committee was called to order at 7:40 p.m. on November 8, 2006 by Committee Chair Art Silverman at St. Ann’s Catholic Church. In attendance were Art Silverman, Lisa Hoke, Barry Wood, Dottie McCarthy, Gloria Robles, Don Francis, Ralph Wooden, John Le Mon, John Cates, Amy Wooden, John Russell, and Monsignor John Brady.
Minutes from the October 11 meeting were read and approved.
Treasurer’s Report: 
Treasurer’s Report: There are four families who still need to pay dues. We raised $2904 gross, with expenses of about $700, netting about $2200. The balance in the bank is about $11,800. 
Scoutmaster’s Report: 
1.We had a very successful Pancake Breakfast. It was steadily busy, things went well and ran smoothly, and everyone had a good time. We did have a problem with the electricity, but we were able to work around it.
2. The Hike-O-Ree was a great success. The entire hike was enjoyable and the map-and-compass person did an excellent job. There was a 3000 foot change in elevation over the 10-mile hike. Some of the boys didn’t have proper gear, but John brought enough blankets to make up for it.
3. Next weekend, John will be signing us up for a 2008 trek to Philmont.
4. This Friday is a PLC meeting here at 7:30 for about an hour.
5. Saturday morning is Scouting for Food. We will be manning the collection point at the Davenport Street Safeway from 8:30 to 12:30.
6. The campout at Izaak Walton was also good. It’s been a long time since the Troop has been there. A lot of advancement activity occurred. We’ve got a good contact there, now, so we’re looking forward to that next year.
7. Our next trip is the Appalachian Trail. We’re planning to meet as soon after school gets out on Friday as possible. They will need a bag lunch and money for Metro and Marc trains. The total distance for the hike is about eight miles on Saturday and about six miles on Sunday. Pickup point is the Old South Mountain Inn (directions will be on the website).
8. Alan Rey completed his Eagle project and it has been well-received. He will be having his Board of Review on December 14th, so please be available to serve on the Board.
Other Business:
We have a website with a limited amount of space. By changing webhosts, we will be able to put slide shows and other things on the website. We will also be able to set up a “members only” section of the website. The Committee voted to transfer the site to a larger webhost. We also have access to buying The Committee has approved the purchase of the .org domain name, and Steve Kunk will take care of the details of making both domain names function as a single entity. Some of our advertisers have asked to add a link on our website to their websites. We may also be able to set up some affiliate relationships which will bring a limited revenue stream to the Troop.
Father Brady spoke briefly about his Scouting experiences. He also discussed the “Duty to God” program, which requires one of the Scouts in the Troop to be a Chaplain’s Aid. This is a leadership position, and can help build the morale of the Troop. 1400 Scouts attended services at Goshen this summer, as compared to very few in preceding years.
Barry Wood reported on the Christmas Tree Sale. We found a grower in West Virginia who could deliver the trees and doesn’t cut them till a couple of days before he delivers them. We think it’s worth considering this grower for next year; he has invited us to come look at his trees. The current supplier will be used for this year, and the order has been place for $3310.12. We need to mail a flier to those who bought trees last year, and we need to mail fliers to the Council Fire advertisers. The Scouts will need to pass fliers out to the homes in the neighborhood. We need to have lights on the lot starting the Wednesday before the sale, just to attract attention the lot. We also need to put fliers into St. Ann’s Catholic Church and at River Road Presbyterian Church. 
The meeting was adjourned at 8:47 p.m.
Amy Wooden,
Committee Secretary